TwoTwoFive offers a unique combination of interactive courses and realistic commodity trading simulations to provide participants with innovative, online learning opportunities

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Here is your chance to experience trading the coffee futures exchange market! During the simulation, news headlines will appear periodically, allowing you to place trades based on your interpretation of this information and capture future price moves.  You will experience a live profit/loss, market exposure and feel the euphoria when those trades become profitable as well as gaining an understanding of your risk appetite. You will have unlimited access to the course for 7 days; you have 1 pause that you can use and can reset the game 2 times, once you have enrolled in the course. Read More


This online course will introduce some basic trading concepts. You will discover why people trade, what risk is, how traders can use fundamental and technical analysis to manage risk. It will take you approx 30 mins to complete the education element, then you should allow around 60 mins for the trading simulation. It is highly recommended that this online course and the trading simulations are accessed using a Google Chrome browser, so if you aren't currently using this, please logout and log back into this course using Google Chrome. Please be aware that the educational content of this course is the same as contained within the course entitled 'Trading Flat Price European Nat Gas' Read More

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